Fair and fashionable

I am honored to sits on the Advisory Board of the nonprofit Fair and Fashionable (F&F), founded in Kansas City. 

F&F educates men and women ages 15-30 about the dangers of suntanned skin. Melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer - is the most common cancer among women ages 25-29.

F&F partners with designers to host tan-free fashion shows across the country. The goal is to show men and women who follow runway trends that real style means celebrating their natural skin tone



I remain a proud voice for this grassroots organization, led by parents on a mission to delay the smartphone.

As evidence increasingly shines light on concerns surrounding early smartphone use, WU8 supporters can connect with like-minded families who agree the smartphone is not needed for young children. Waituntil8th.org encourages those who believe childhood is too short to be distracted by a smartphone to take their pledge. Learn more and take the pledge today at waituntil8th.org.