Comments Policy

I am thrilled in the increased interest in KC Kids Doc. Increasing readership, however, has also increased the amount of harsh, unproductive, or simply inappropriate comments offered to the blog. 

I fully understand and accept that dialog about child health and parenting is not absolute, and that readers may disagree with me and with other commenters. I welcome constructive dialog and continuing discussions. Comments that do not reflect this sprit of collaboration and support, however, cannot be tolerated. 

I believe it is our responsibility as mature parents to be an example of appropriate and respectful dialog online. We are a model of digital citizenship for our children. Every post, update, tweet, text, and comment we share should reflect well-mannered communication towards other human beings. 

To emphasize the importance of this parental responsibility, I am posting an “official” comments policy to my homepage. 

Comment policy:

If I do not feel comfortable having my school-aged daughter read your comment, it will not be posted here. Thank you.