innovation in health care

Dr. Natasha considers her private practice a workshop for innovation. Using the newest technological devices and communication channels, she continually attempts to refine and improve.



As one of the first CellScope DIRECT providers in Missouri, she is able to connect with patient families for diagnostic and treatment plans. The Seymour app and Oto device allows families to get quality care for ear infections and simple skin issues from home. 

gocheck kids

The AAP and USPSTF recommend that all children get screened for amblyopia before the age of 5 years. This treatable cause of vision loss in children can be detected using a smartphone-based photoscreener by GoCheck Kids. Dr. Natasha was the first provider in Missouri to offer the service to her patients, and has successfully "caught" many kids whose vision correction was initiated using this innovative tool. 


As part of the Sprint Accelerator, powered by Techstars, Dr. Natasha was able to contribute advice and time as part of the mentorship team to emerging start-up companies. She is able to provide active and constructive feedback to technology teams as a practicing physician, and continues her work as advisor and mentor to start-up ventures across the country. 

Third Echo

When taking care of her teen-aged patients, she noticed that they were finding really bad information when searching about health issues online. Together with a trusted pediatric colleague, she developed a web and social-media based teen health platform used by teenagers in her practice and beyond.