The conversation in my car this morning went a little like this... “What are they talking about on the radio, Mommy?”

“The President talked to America last night. He stopped the cartoons. If The President has something really important to say, he can stop the cartoons whenever he wants.”

“Why did he stop the cartoons?”

“A man made some bad choices and was hiding from the Americans. He was playing hide and seek with America. A special group of men found where he was hiding. The President needed to tell us that.”

“What bad choices?”

“The man hurt many people. He took Mommies, Daddies, Brothers and Sisters away from their families.”


“He did not like them.”

“That’s not nice.”

“No, babe. That’s not nice. But, a special group of Americans found him. Now he can’t hurt people anymore. That makes a lot of people in America very happy.”

“OK. That’s good. I hope they are having a party.”

“I’m sure that many of them are.”

How are you sharing the news with your family today?