New Year, New You: Body Image and Your Kids


I think the beauty of every (quickly passing) year is the reassuring restart button it provides to the patterns of our lives.

I am one of the many who have resolved to make changes for 2015. My resolutions are focusing on more. More limits. More reading. More play. More sleep. For many others, however, turning over a new leaf is about less. Specifically, a 2015 goal of weight loss.

Changes that lead to an improvement in lifelong health habits are to be commended. We know the health, lifestyle, and longevity benefits of being at an ideal body weight.

But, have you ever thought about how your weight loss goals might effect your kids?

This month on, I shared some thoughts about how a parent’s body image can effect our kids, and how we can encourage body confidence in our children. The post was sparked by conversations I have had with families in the office about weight goals and body size, specifically in my pre-teen and teen girls.

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If getting to less is one of your resolutions, read this post to learn 5 ways to meet your goal while creating a strong foundation of body image in your children.