Car Seats: A 10 Question Quiz

During my clinic time last week, I noticed an increase in the number of questions about car seat safety.  Here are 10 questions that were asked by real parents. How would you answer them? 1.  "When can my preschooler move to a booster seat?"

2.  "My infant just loves to play with these toys on his car seat handle.  That’s OK, right?"

3.  "When can my infant face forward in the car?"

4.  "I just got in a little fender-bender, do I have to get a new car seat?"

5.  "Where can I get my car seat installation inspected?"

6.  "What do you think is the best car seat?"

7.  "It’s so cold outside!  How can I keep my baby warm in the car?"

8.  "How will I know if my seat has problems, or is being recalled?"

9.  "How do I know if my child is buckled into the car seat correctly?"

10A. "When can my child sit in the front seat?"

10B. (for bonus points) What is the correct reply to, “But mmoooommmm, Sally’s mom lets her sit in the front seat!”

Answers posted soon....