Dear Justin Timberlake: Revised Advice to the Prince of Pop


Dear Mr. Timberlake, 

I was not expecting to see you and I together. As a long-time fan, our names sharing space in the Celebrity Gossip column of In Touch Weekly was truly a surprise. 

Now, JT. Can I call you, JT? I know that you remember me from a few months back. We shared some time in a darkened auditorium with a few thousand of my friends - I know you saw me. I was only a few feet away as you floated above my head. You looked directly into my eyes my soul while serenading a 20/20 Experience. I was the one wearing black. Remember? 

This week, my 20/20 looks different. Apparently, In Touch Weekly connected with an anonymous source suggesting you and your wife have elected to not vaccinate your son. As much I understand Celebrity Gossip columns of entertainment rags do not have a strong history of accuracy nor general journalistic principles; this cuts me deep, JT. In fact, it cuts so deep that I'm not sure that I believe it.

My gut tells me that a Tennessee kid like yourself has better sense than to be swayed by the Hollywood anti-vax yimmer-yammer. 

Regardless, our newly established one-degree of separation implores me to respond. And now that I know that my words might directly influence the Timberlake lineage, I will speak directly from the heart of a fan. 

So, here goes. (Ahem.) 

JT-  Let's start talkin' 'bout some issues. Talkin' 'bout real important issues.

When it comes to scary diseases, we know What Goes Around.... Comes Around. It's time to recognize that from the Blue Ocean Floor to a Spaceship Coupe in the sky, little roadies gots to be protected. And the very best way to protect our peeps is with vaccination, brah.

We can't have Amnesia of diseases past. We need Tunnel Vision toward a healthy future. That means all of us have to do our part to protect our kids Until the End of Time. We know vaccines are Not a Bad Thing. They get your immune system defenses N*SYNC; ready to give the bacteria and viruses that are trying to Rock Your Body an early-round TKO. Amirite?

So, put on your Suit & Tie and bring the SexyBack to vaccines. When you're ready to bring it on down to immunity-ville, I'll be here. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a board-certified pediatrician to travel with you on your next world tour, you know where to find me. 

Your biggest vaccinated fan,

Dr. Natasha

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