Happy New Year!

I am very excited to be beginning a new year with all of you.  I am rubbing my eyes, stretching my arms, waking up to a year full of potential.  I hope you feel it, too!

I am back to work today after spending a hectic and wonderful Holiday season with my family and friends.  As I stepped into my office this morning, I felt empowered to gather my “weapons” I use to help kids stay healthy.  At the beginning of 2011, I have a new weapon.

My computer.

I think this will be a banner year for adding some additional tech tools to my practice, hopefully in innovative ways.  Additionally, seeing all the kids coming into the office today with their shiny-new smartphones makes my brain spin, trying to come up with better ways to communicate with our next generation.  Hopefully my “1.0” brain will be able to come up with things “generation 2.0”-worthy.

Thanks again for your support and readership.  Topic ideas are always welcome, just leave your thoughts in the comments!