Why a blog?

Conversations with my families are more frequently including comments referring to information found on the internet.  Some of my parents are very straightforward about their source of information.  Some apologize for bringing it up. Others are too scared by something they read online to even ask my opinion.  And all of these parents are trying to make the best decision for their child. The internet has become a medium allowing anyone to tap into sources offering guidance and support for many issues.  From major academic institutions to professional “mommy bloggers”, information and opinion on child health care is at our fingertips.  Online communities with other families dealing with health issues are available to provide encouragement and support.  Too often, however, the online “experts” are bending the truth, misquoting the literature, blatantly wrong, or trying to sell something.  The difficulty discerning the good information from the bad leaves most families very confused and frustrated.

I love the internet. I use it everyday.  I think the power that we have at our fingertips is awesome and revolutionary.  But, I also think being mislead by misinformation leads to unnecessary worry and poor choices.

So, why a blog?  My job should include steering families to valuable information on the internet.  In addition, I would like to keep families updated on what is going on in our community.  It is my hope that these resources and up to date information assist you in making healthy, positive choices for your family.  Hopefully, we will have some fun along the way.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your online community and join in the conversation.