Thanks, Kansas City Royals. #TakeTheCrown


For letting us all be kids again; believing our home team can do anything and we each have a part to play. 

For reminding us the probability of winning does not include the value of heart.

For being cool enough to play catch with any kid who shows up to the park with a glove, even it they aren’t wearing blue.

For being willing to sacrifice yourselves individually for the sake of the team, allowing us to explain to our children what it means to be a “team player.”

For doing your job with precision and excellence, but not taking yourselves too seriously.

For letting us make memories with our kids as we cheer together from the couch; making new traditions and staying up late.

For gifting tickets to fans because you “know what it's like.”

For smiling when you play; making us all believe that you are just as excited as we are. 

For letting us celebrate and connect as a community; and allowing us to meet new friends all over the country when we proudly wear our KC blue. 

For playing for things that matter.

Good luck, Royals. I stand and cheer for you. 

Photo credit: Trevor Vance, @kcgrassman on Twitter.