A New Add to Your Trusted Parenting Network: Mama Doc Medicine

photo (22)Moms and Dads arrive to my office for their newborn’s first checkup with overflowing diaper bags, perfectly matched baby outfits, and sleep-deprived eyes. Many of them also come with one question. “Tell me the one place to go for answers. I need one place.”

New parents share the frustration of being inundated by family, friends, work colleagues, mommy blogs, popular media, Facebook, Pinterest, magazines, neighbors, nannies, strangers on the street, and that lady in the car pool line... all giving advice. As much as parents are grateful for the guidance, the advice quickly becomes too much to navigate, and too intense, when most of them are just trying to keep their new baby alive.. and trying to get a shower. 

The truth is, as much bleary-eyed parents hate to hear, once you become a parent; unsolicited advice will never stop, people (read: pediatricians) will always have an opinion, and grandma’s voice will always be in your head. There simply is no one place. 

Parenting takes a trusted network.

I think this common new-parent ask is the first step in the realization that parenting takes partners. It takes a group of pillars for reassurance, guidance, friendship, and confidence. It takes a reliable place to go when the questions get hard, and the answers get unclear. Sometimes, it just takes a place to turn when you need a pat on the back. 

This week, the trusted parenting network got one book bigger. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of seattlemamadoc.com, has put her smarts, wisdom, and experience into Mama Doc Medicine: Finding Calm and Confidence in Parenting, Child Health, and Work-Life Balance. 

Dr. Swanson has poured her blog bests onto paper; creating a way to carry her guidance wherever we go. In her unique, readable style, she makes the confusing issues of parenting impressively clear and concise. She hits hard subjects head on, sharing evidence and references a long the way. Her honesty and emotion throughout the book reveals her love for science, passion for parenting, and devotion to children’s health. Above all, she offers reassurance and renewal. 

Although the one place will continue to elude us, I highly recommend adding Dr. Swanson’s words to the places you lean into. She has earned her place as a member of my parenting team. She deserves a place in your trusted network.