Newborn babies - There's an app for that.

I will admit, I love my iPhone.  I am always on the search for great apps for parents and kids.  Here is my review of Total Baby by ANDESigned, available for $4.99 from the Apple app store.

We recently added a bouncing baby boy to our family.  Instead of reaching for paper and pen to document the feedings and diapers of our new little one, I turned to the Total Baby app for some help.  The app provides an area to document newborn feedings, dirty diapers, baths, and other information.  It also can serve as a brief medical history record, vaccine record, and milestone diary.  Total Baby can become the reliable, external “brain” that new, sleep-deprived mothers need.

I found the most useful feature of the app was the feeding and diaper log.  For each nursing session, simply tapping “start/stop” would document the time and duration of each session.  In addition, the app would indicate the time since the last feeding.  A series of taps would record the number of wet and dirty diapers my infant had during the day.  In addition, I could document the time any baths were given.

The app would create 24 hour totals to review all recorded information in an easy-to-read format.  The data can be backed up, emailed, and printed out.  I found the printed data helpful to review with my pediatrician during his check-up.  And it makes a fun addition to his baby book.

This app can be used for multiple children. I would think this app would be indispensible for a mom of multiples due to this feature.  And even though I missed the opportunity to use this app for my older child, I can still enter her general medical information into the app for a handy reference.

Overall,  I found the Total Baby app very helpful during the first few weeks of my newborn’s care and I would highly recommend this application to new moms.  It was certainly worth the price.

App rating: 4 out of 4 stethoscopes, a “must have” for new moms.

Let me know what you think.