Popularity Contest: The 10 Best

trophyAnother “Best of...” list? Really? Gimme a break - I’ve been on vacation! 

Whether you consider this the last list of 2012, or the first of 2013; I offer you a list of my most popular posts of the year. Be sure to take a peek at the ones you missed. 

  1. The Alterna-Milks: My “milk rules” and info about cow’s milk alternatives.
  2. Dear Fisher-Price®: Why I don’t like the Rock N’ Play Sleeper.
  3. From KC to NYC (and Back): My craziest week of the year. 
  4. Back Seat until 13: Answering the “why”.
  5. Porn, Pot, and Other Problems: Real issues from my KC teens. 
  6. Say “No” to the “Bundle Me”: Why this car seat product is not ideal.
  7. i hate measles: My summer philanthropy project for Shot@Life.
  8. Bye Bye Pacifier +1: Getting rid of a first love. 
  9. Stop Oversnacking Your Kids: Kids snack too much. 
  10. Time Magazine Kick in the Boob: Ouch. 

A sincere thanks to all who read, comment, lurk, groan, laugh, and follow at KCKidsDoc. 

This place has become a glorious space of learning, growth, and expression. I am still amazed that so many of you join me here. 

Looking forward to the adventures of 2013!