Preschool Field Trip

Last week, I had the pleasure of sharing my pediatric office with 19 local preschoolers. They arrived excited and interested in all things “doctor.”

A few challenging questions were asked of me, including:

  • "What makes you different than a doctor who helps dogs?"
  • "How do you cut up bodies?"
  • "What is that “thing” on a new baby’s tummy?"
  • "How do you get babies out?"
  • "How do babies eat without teeth?"
  • "Why do you give us shots?"

I did my best to correctly answer these questions while two other important people, Dr. Jamie Rosterman and Nurse Julie, also shared their time with these new friends. Dr. Jamie helped each child make a healthy plate of fruits, veggie, proteins, and grains using the model. Nurse Julie demonstrated her vital-sign-collecting skills, and shared the importance of healthy teeth habits.

All of our preschoolers left with activities and resources to share what they learned with their families at home. We added to their home doctor kits by giving cotton balls, tongue depressors, gloves, bandaids, and syringes. In addition, pediatric dentist, Dr. Kurt Aarons, sent them home with some toothbrushing tools.

I really enjoyed my brief time with the kids. It was a lovely way for me to share my job with curious young people, and a great reminder of the mystery and privilege of being a doctor.

Best of luck to all these fun preschoolers!