Some Summer Summary with Blog Roundup


photo-2 photo-1 nonameThe weeks of summer have rolled past quickly. Just like the rest of you, I am adding school schedules to my calendar and shopping for supplies. As the academic year heats up, so will the conversation here. Over my summer break from this blog; I had great opportunity to slow down, recharge, and listen.

I enjoyed reading and re-reading big piles of books. Yes, real printed books. I connected with my family at home, and away. I welcomed new babies in the office and hugged graduating seniors good-bye - continually learning from all the patients and families I meet. And, I got to listen to the great conversations surrounding the hottest topics of summer.

Here are few of my favorite quotes from some great posts of the summer:

“McCarthy dresses up her pseudoscience in the guise of looking out for the best interests of children...” - Pat Garofalo

“Her myth (stating the MMR vaccine caused her son’s autism) has potentially increased disease burden. Outbreaks of measles in Europe have overwhelmed France and Wales in the past few years and under-vaccinated communities persist here in the US. In part, this is because of Jenny’s megaphone.” - Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson

“The Finnish government believes, according to the BBC, that all babies deserves ‘an equal start in life.’” - Amy Graff

“We all need to acknowledge that there is more to parenting than breastfeeding.” - Dr. Claire McCarthy

"To all those mothers who’ve learned the difference between the mother you think you will be and the one you actually are -- I Support You." - Lisa Belkin

“They could do a lot for their country, and for the world, by publicly vaccinating their son to show billions of people that vaccines are safe, vaccines are essential, and vaccines are fit for a king.” - Laiah Idelson

“Medicine is changing and so are the expectations of our patients and families. How can we redesign the medical system to make a more frictionless system to better serve our patients?” - Dr. Joyce Lee

“The internet has changed the way patients see doctors, their diseases and themselves.” - Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

And a particular favorite experience for me this summer was talking social media and the future of pediatric health with Brandon and Chip in this Pediatric Practice Management Media Cast.

As I join all of you this week in the car pool lanes and back-to-school nights, I also look forward to returning to this place. A place where I truly enjoy experiencing heath care together. A place to educate, listen, share, and hopefully inspire the best decisions in all of us.

Here’s to the Class of 2013 to the Class of 2025 and beyond.

Let the fall begin!