Vaccines, Life, and 20 Seconds

Every 20 seconds, a child dies of a vaccine preventable disease. 1.5 million deaths every year. Unnecessary.

From where we typically sit - on the comfy couch, of our air conditioned homes, on our laptop, while our kids run around safely in our fenced backyards - reading this fact might make us pause.

The problem is, sometimes these sad statistics just get watered down with the other sad statistics about other horrible injustices in the world. The loss of life is just another number that reflects the broken, unfair system of wealth, access, and social dynamics that leads to inadequate health care.

We, as Americans, often don’t respond to these and other world health issues; not because we are uncaring or negligent, but because these crushing statistics make us feel helpless.

We can somehow convince ourselves that these dead children are just victims of a system too big to change.

Fortunate for those of us whose life circumstances allow us the luxury of adequate health care, including vaccines, for our children; there are great organizations whose efforts we can support to help protect more children. There are passionate people who are devoting their lives to this cause.

And we can help. All of us can help. is part of the United Nations Foundation with focused efforts towards life-saving vaccination initiatives, all around the world. The organization specifically empowers those of us in America to help actively prevent needless death from vaccine-preventable disease through our advocacy and financial support.

Even if you are unable to financially contribute to this cause, or other global vaccination supporters (such as the Gates Foundation and the ONE campaign) go to and submit an email to your congressional representative voicing your support for worldwide vaccine access.

In support of National Infant Immunization Week, and those on the front lines of this battle, can you help?

Will you help?

Moms, just like us, who love their children more than anything; need us to.