What a Week... From KC to NYC (and Back.)

i heart ny
i heart ny

Last week started just like any other. I was doing laundry, picking up the house, and planning a trip to the grocery store. The week ended upturned, unexpected, and unbelievably. On Tuesday, The New York Times featured the “Digital Doctor.” I was honored to be included among other very talented physicians from around the country. The article, “Texting the Teenage Patient”, featured my choice to connect with patients and families using social media. The response to the article was positive and encouraging for all the great docs involved in the piece. 

By Wednesday, the NYT article had been widely spread around the globe. I was fielding comments and responses from all sorts of interested people. From our local news to physicians in Australia, I continued to share the positive aspects of my online work. 

On Thursday afternoon, things started to get a little more intense. A producer and cameraman from CBS were in my office. They spent hours filming me work with my patients, while preparing a segment to share on CBS This Morning.

By Friday, I was in New York City, preparing to be on national television. Live. 

As you can tell, things moved quite quickly throughout the week. I had no choice but to keep my goals for the live broadcast very simple:

  1. To not throw up on the glamourous Rebecca Jarvis.
  2. To positively represent all the doctors and patients who are tirelessly working in health care social media - in 2 minutes or less.
  3. To not throw up on the glamourous Rebecca Jarvis. 

Here is a link to the interview.I did my best to accomplish all 3. 

And, what did I learn this week?

  1. A lot of people read The New York Times. 
  2. Hair and makeup professionals can perform miracles in less than 3 minutes.
  3. New ways of sharing healthcare information are desired by the consumers of health care in our world, and many patients and doctors are trying new and exciting tools to accomplish this goal. Doctors want to know how they can help their patients in current, updated ways; and patients want their physicians to rise to a new expectation. And if sharing the story of a simple pediatrician in the midwest will help any of us get closer... I’ll be happy to keep talking. 

After this crazy, unbelievable week... I have a few thank yous. 

Thank you to The New York Times for featuring so many physicians who are really trying to make a difference in medicine. These voices are important, and their work is often thankless and isolating. A moment for all of them to shine on such a large stage will fuel their efforts, and help continue the progress that patients and physicians are hoping for.

Thank you to CBS This Morning for the opportunity. Thanks to my patients who participated, and shared their stories. Thanks to my nurses and staff who kept control of the chaos, and my physician partners who rallied to seamlessly continue patient care. 

Thank you to my friends and colleagues in health care social media. Your comments, emails, re-tweets, and mentions fueled my fire during this trip. 

Most importantly, thanks to my husband and family who are unyielding partners in my escapades. 

And for now, this Sunday, I am back at home. 


I am doing laundry, picking up the house, and getting ready to run to the store...