Your Kid Should Probably Be in a Booster Seat. Here's Why.

For those of you who visit me in the office, you know I LOVE talking about car seats.

As a doc, I know that car accidents are the number one killer of kids. That means being accurate, knowledgeable and persistent (read: nagging) about car seat safety is one of my greatest responsibilities.

One of the biggest care safety challenges we have in our KC community is getting out of the booster seat too quickly. I find kids as young as six who have been allowed to ride with only a seat belt restraint. Yikes! This should not be happening. We need to do better!

In my latest piece for the US News and World Report parenting blog, I break down the scientific reason that booster seats are critical to our kids’ safety.

Some highlights:

  • It’s more than a better window seat. The booster seat works to distribute collision force over the strongest areas of a child’s body.

  • It’s what on the inside that matters. Immature skeletons in pre-pubertal kids need extra help.

  • One measurement keeps it simple. All kids need to be in a booster seat until they reach 4 feet 9 inches tall.

For more details on each of these facts, as well as a cool explanation of ASIS, click here.

The more we know, the better choices we make. Be safe out there!