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Getting baby to sleep through the night

Dr. Natasha is joined by a child psychologist to discuss habits that promote sleeping babies. Some troubleshooting for common sleep problems is also on this episode of Up To Date. 

Picky eaters

Have a "picky eater" at home? In this edition of Up To Date, Dr. Natasha shares common problems with picky eaters and some tips to improve time at the dinner table. She is joined by Ms. Shelly Summar of Children's Mercy Hospital. 

Hitting the milestone marks?

Dr. Natasha is joined by a child developmental specialist to discuss developmental milestones. These core skills are necessary for growth, and can be anxiety-provoking for parents. Learn what you need to know on Up To Date. 

SIDS guidelines 

In this brief interview with David Greene on NPR's Morning Edition, the new AAP SIDS guidelines are discussed. 

How to Win the "Bedtime Battle" 

Dr. Natasha is the featured guest on this episode of the "How to Talk to Kids About Anything" podcast with Dr. Robyn Silverman. They discuss common problems in toddler and early childhood sleep, what to try at home, and when to see the doctor.