Dr. Natasha Burgert

When my AP Biology teacher in Omaha, Nebraska asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, the answer was easy. I told him I wanted to teach. His eyes were soft and suggesting, when he replied, “Yes, you would be a fine teacher. Have you ever thought about teaching medicine? You have quite the knack for science.” 

That simple quip opened my mind to possibilities. Thanks, Mr. Bentley. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I poured into my studies with a new goal. I fought for opportunities and experiences that I would have otherwise missed. And less than a decade later, I had reached the goal that my high school science teacher had sparked when I graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center

I learned how to be a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. My attending physicians instilled the importance of relationships and teamwork while caring for children. I was able to learn about each patient family, honoring them as individuals while offering state of the art medical treatments. I was inspired by children fighting through hardship and ready to celebrate when healing came. This truly is a remarkable job.

Today, I share evidenced-based child expertise blended with clinical experience. I do this while working full-time in traditional direct patient care, and also using various digital and traditional media outlets to promote child health and wellness. 

I have been able work in science communication through my role as National Spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a member of the Counsel of Communications and Media for the AAP. I am a regular contributor to NBC Learn’s Parent Tool Kit, US News and World Report, and our local KCUR. I am passionate about vaccinations for our community’s children and serve on Missouri’s Advisory Committee for Childhood Immunizations. I am also a nationally recognized speaker in health innovation, health care social media, vaccine advocacy, and media use with children. 

I am fueled by my husband, Dr. Kevin, and our two dynamic kids. As a family, we love to travel and share new adventures. Kevin and I also like to golf and are in a couples league in the spring and summer. And in my second life, I would be a race car driver. I love to watch Formula 1 racing and have taken sport driving classes across the Country.