Amber Teething Necklaces? Risky Rubbish.

amber necklace
amber necklace

Move overSophie... Introducing Amber. Amber teething necklaces are the “new” teething relief fad. Parents, desperate for teething relief for their infants, are spending up to $30 for these amber stones filled with promises. 

A string of amber stones is as effective for teething relief as a string of magic beans. 

This fad is an opportunistic ploy. Manufacturers are attempting to create buzz about a common stone has been used by folk healers since ancient times. It is claimed that amber contains succinic acid which is released once the stone reaches body temperature. When the stone is on the skin; the succinic acid is said to be released, absorbed through the skin, and helps pain.


Regardless of what you may believe about these fantastical claims, most important to understand is that jewelry wearing is not safe for infants. 

Putting a necklace on an infant is a strangulation risk. Period. 

What about wearing the jewelry on the wrist or ankle? Due to undoubtedly various quality, this jewelry could break. If a broken necklace scatters these small stones, it is a set-up for a choking tragedy. 

International groupsare warning parents of these risks. In many statements, officials are encouraging parents to choose less risky forms of teethingrelief.

My bottom line? Amber teething necklaces are another classic case of companies taking advantage of desperate parents, with disregard for the safety of children. These necklaces have the potential of doing tremendous harm and, in my opinion, are not worth the risk. 

For safer options for teething pain relief, check out this information from Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson. 

*I have no vested interest in any teething products.