Book Review: Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

I highly recommend the book, Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism* (TPGA). TPGA is readable.

TPGA is a collection of short essays from people whose lives have been changed by autism. The book provides real, practical help from those in the trenches; combining experience and expertise in a refreshing way.

The unique personalities of the individual contributors shine. Authors include parents and caregivers whose knowledge is shared as, “I wish someone would have told me” accounts. Therapists and teachers offer help to guide through the maze of educational planning. Adults with autism vividly describe the challenges of independent living. All the while, the various writers never “tell” the reader what decision would be best for every child; creating a palatable, “un-preachy” collection.

TPGA is referenced.

TPGA expands the impact of the essays by providing specific evidence-based references.

The passionate group of writers openly discuss the challenges and differences that are involved in raising autistic children. From feeding issues to sexuality, readers are linked to helpful places to collect a team of support for children and adults. The book also provides practical resources for planning for a child’s financial future, educational services, and IEPs. Finally, TPGA hosts a full chapter devoted to movies, books, online resources, and reputable blogs.

TPGA is real.

Real emotion and real advice is oozing from the pages of TPGA.

The book shares the impact of autism on the whole family. The authors discuss the stress on marriages, the desperation of relatives, and the support of strangers. The raw stories of sadness and guilt are redeemed by the essence of understanding and hope.

The book highlights the character and strength of those affected by the spectrum of autistic disorders. There is honesty. It is refreshing. There is reflection and experience. It is challenging. And what drips from its pages from beginning to end is the journey of love, respect, and individuality that all parents want for their children.

TGPA is a must-read for parents, friends, family members, counselors, and physicians whose lives intersect with individuals with autism. My copy has been placed on the top shelf of my bookcase with other favorite medical and parenting books.

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