Lessons from Family Vacation


We just returned from celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday at Walt Disney World. Although Mickey and his friends exhausted all of us, our first visit to this magical place met all our expectations.

As usual, our time away was speckled with new life lessons. Here are a few things I learned during our family vacation:

  1. Fairy dust is insanely sparkly, and nearly impossible to shampoo out of a child’s hair.
  2. My daughter was addressed as “Princess” too many times to count. I was addressed as “Queen”, however, only on occasions where a bill needed to be paid.
  3. My son prefers to eat muffins from the bottom up. Removing the wrapper prior to eating is apparently optional.
  4. Tinkerbell has the coolest shoes. Sorry, Cinderella.
  5. A strange pride can bubble up when, upon telling your daughter she can have any snack in the Magic Kingdom, she chooses fruit salad.
  6. My daughter can be so enraptured by a princess, she will literally mumble “Rapunzel” in her sleep.
  7. You may survive the scariest roller coasters in the park without ruffling a feather, but still get horrible motion sickness from a jostling bus ride home. Yuck.
  8. If the energy, passion, and imagination of a 5-year-old could be bottled up; it would be an elixir I would drink everyday.

The family vacation is a way to decelerate life, in order to get a better look at things that have been in your world all along. I was thrilled to be able to share this time with husband and kids; and honored to be my daughter’s “Queen”....No matter how temporary.

Happy birthday to my favorite five-year-old girl. May all your wishes come true!