The Hepatitis B Vaccine: 6 Common Questions Answered


One of the first vaccination decisions that new parents must make is whether or not to offer protection from hepatitis B.

When discussing this vaccine with families, I commonly hear these 6 questions:

  1. Why does my newborn baby need a hepatitis B vaccine?
  2. What is hepatitis B?
  3. If my prenatal labs show that I am not infected with hepatitis B, why does my baby still need to get vaccinated?
  4. Isn’t hepatitis B an infection spread through sex and drug use?
  5. How could my baby get infected with hepatitis B?
  6. What if I wait until my child is older to get vaccinated?

Check out the presentation above to get the answers. For best viewing, choose "Fullscreen" under "More" after clicking the play arrow. If you are having trouble viewing from this post , click this link.

After learning about this disease, most of my families choose to vaccinate their babies. I vaccinated both of my children for their protection, and my piece of mind.

If you need more information to make this choice for your family, please ask your child’s healthcare provider about her thoughts on this vaccine. Until then, look at this hepatitis B information sheet from the CDC.