StoryCorps in Kansas City

I was rolling down the street to drop off the kids at daycare, my mind spinning with “to do” lists for the day, when I was pleasantly interrupted by a familiar voice on the radio.

StoryCorps recently visited the Kansas City area to interview individuals for their project.  I usually have to turn down my local NPR station when the StoryCorp segments are airing. They are such moving tributes to the human spirit, I end up walking into work with mascara streaking down my cheeks.  But, I instantly recognized Mary’s voice on the radio and was silenced in anticipation.

This StoryCorps installment features Mary Warm talking with her father David about what her life as like as an adolescent with Down Syndrome.  This is actually the second time Mary and her father were featured on StoryCorps.  Their conversation began with an interview 4 years ago.

I am honored to know Mary.  She is an amazing individual who understands her limitations, but is not defined by them.  I wanted to be sure that you had the opportunity for Mary and her father to fill your heart as they discuss Mary’s near future.  Enjoy.

In the NewsNatasha Burgert