The Nutcracker

I heard it yesterday for the first time this season, “she has to get better because she has Nutcracker practice on Saturday!”

Getting the opportunity to perform The Nutcracker with the KC Ballet is a big deal.  We are so fortunate to have many talented patients that are able to participate in this annual event.

However, with the high stress and time commitment this performance requires, we see many performers with illness.  Strep throat, pneumonia, mono, bronchitis, sinus infections... All kids are more susceptible to these illnesses when their bodies are overworked. In addition, the required attendance at the practices and performances forces many dancers to choose to participate with contagious illness.  This further increases the illness rate with this group.  It is very hard for ill children to get well, regardless of additional antibiotics or medications, with the demands of the schedule.

So if you have a child performing, or know someone who is, PLEASE practice healthy habits.  Cover coughs and sneezes with the elbow.  Use hand sanitizer frequently.  Wash hands with soap and water before eating, and after using the restroom.  Eat 3 meals a day and protein with every meal.  Try to maintain regular sleep schedules.  Get the influenza vaccine.

Kids perform at their best when they are healthy and feeling well.  Let us all try our best to keep them that way!!

Good luck to all the performers.  Looking forward to watching The Nutcracker this year.